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Lin'an Yuqian ChengGong hardware tool factory

Linan Yu Qian Chenggong hardware factory is a production factory producing hardware wrench and pliers. The product types include (American Standard, European standard: fixed head ratchet double wrench, active head ratchet double wrench, double wrench, double open wrench, double plum spanner, pliers). 40-45HRC, high hardness and good toughness, high hardness and good toughness, the torque reached the European and American National tool standards. The surface electroplating is treated with nickel and nickel chromium, the surface strength is high, the surface scratch is high, the corrosion resistance, antirust property is good, quality and low price.

my factory is located in Linan, Hangzhou. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of pliers, wrenches and forging parts. There are 5 300 tons forging lines, 1 400 tons production lines, and 1 million wrenches or 500 thousand pliers and other products can be produced in the month. Our factory is now making products: flat and double openings.

Linan Yu Qian Chenggong hardware tool factory

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